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Farewell Messages to Michael and Classmates


Dear Michael,


Thank you very much for giving me a lot of experiences such as not only about English but also about Computer stuffs. Especially, it was a nice opportunity to meet people who owns thier venture business at Podcamp. It is a unforgetable memory with you. I also appriciate that you helped my statement of purpose for several graduate schools. I'm staying Boston next semester as well, so if you get information about IT or some other interesting conferences, please let me know and let's go together. Once again, thank you very much and I hope you have a happy holiday season!


Dear classmates,


Thank you very much for giving me a good time in the classroom. I was very happy that we could share time with you to study English. I hope I can see you in the near future and good luck on your goal! Keep in touch! You can reach me via skype anytime. Your phonecall will be tranfered to my cellphone if I am not online. My skype name is "forever_new_frontiers" Please add my skype name to your list!



 Farewell Lunch



You can download the printable-sized and edited picture from HERE,and the original picture from HERE.




Those pictures are from Kyoto, the most popular tourist destination in Japan.


My Profile


Name:Koji Sakaguchi


Birthday: July 5th, 1984


Happy Halloween

My Favorite Movie from Youtube

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